Harar - “Ali Baba casern”

Harar is the holiest and famous Muslim city of Ethiopia and in the region. After Mecca, Medina and Al-Quuds (Jerusalem), Harar seems to be the fourth holiest place for Muslims. As in the Northern part of Ethiopia, Harar has also an excellent and extraordinary history. It is a mysterious town full of enigma. City of Imam Ahmed Gragn (famous invader of Gondar around 1520) and Amir Abdillahi (last governor of Harar), the town was conquest by Menelik and Ras Makonen and Harar joined Ethiopia in November of 1886 after a long time of occupation by Turkish Empire and Egypte.

Harar had also been the place of Arthur Rimbaud (famous French writer and explorer) and many others famous European explorers of the 19th century. Today, the house where Rimbaud used to live is a museum visited by almost all tourists and visitors in Harar.

Harar is a touristic city with full of tourist’s everyday of the year, the city is well known for its five gates and hyena feeding. It is also a good base for visiting Babile. Bambu Service Touristik is also specialist of Harar history.

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