Lac Abbeh Tour

  • 195 km South West of Djibouti town – Dikhil Region
  • the triple junctions and part of Danakil depression

Lac Abbée, also called “the rotten lake” in Afar due to the awful odours discharged by the boiling and sulphuric water sources. The lake is situated at the junction of 3 rifts - East African, the Red Sea, and the Golf of Aden – but it is also particularly situated at the meeting of the Rift Valley and the Assal Rift.

The structure of the basin of the lake is very complex geomorphically, and this is why studies done on the lake have always been scientifically complicated: 0 concrete results, only hypotheses. The area of the lake was 650 km² near 1939, and today it’s less than 140 km² due to 2 factors.

The chimneys, formed from chalk concentrations and covered with bacteria, have also appeared with the progressive regression of the lake. In fact, the chimneys were formed in the lake at the time of various seism and earthquakes that took place when the water level was still higher several million years ago. And if you observe carefully, you will remark that the chimneys are well aligned along bends, that’s because they are formed along the fault lines. This site offers visitors an exceptional ecotourism experience and if you are travelling to Djibouti don’t pass over the chance to visit this lake unique in the world full of secrets and surprises!

And during the trip to Lac Abbeh, our tour guide will explain you more about the geology of Lac Abbeh. It is geology paradise! Lac Abbeh tour is 2 days trip, you should spend the night in tourist camp, don’t expect luxury in the camp but you have access to electricity and clean water.

It is also possible to combine Lac Abbeh and Lac Assal tours with extra charge but normally Lac Abbeh package is combined with the south circuit, Ali Sabieh and the desert of Grand Bara. The tour stars at 8 am the first day and finishes at 5 pm the next day but it is also possible to start to tour at noon.
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