Massawa - “the pearl of the red sea “

115 kms from the capital Asmara, the town of Massawa is a very old town with an old port that has known many occupations, the Portuguese, the Turkish, the Egyptians and the British that handed over to Italians.

Massawa was the capital colonial until the Italian moved the capital to Asmara; the town has Arab, Ottoman, and Muslim influence because Middle East is on the other side of the Red sea.
The architecture of the town is Ottoman style because 300 years of occupation, the administration was Arabic and became later Italian. But today, the administration is in Arabic and in Italian.

The Italian didn’t build Massawa like they did in Asmara, they only build some villas, some roads and port infrastructures. Back in time, Massawa used to be the pearl of Red sea, one of the most beautiful city in the region of the Red sea. But today, all you can see is the stigma left by the war. The town is under construction. More than 90% of the city was bombarded and destroyed during the independence war against Ethiopia.

The climate is dry and hot like in Djibouti and the rest of towns of the Red sea, despite the destruction of the town, Massawa is still a nice place to visit and most of tour activities are based on the sea, like swimming, diving & snorkeling in the Red sea, visiting the Islands of Dahlak.

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