Republic of Djibouti

The Republic of Djibouti is about 23 200 km² and it is located in the triple junction, where the African plate, the Somalian plate and the Arabian plate meet. The country is wonderful for tourism and there are many sites to discover and to explore.

However Djibouti is a NEW DESTINATION, the country has many wonderful sites to offer. Visiting Lac Abbeh is like being on different planet and Lac Assal, surrounded by many colors is beautiful to visit. The Northern part of Djibouti is different from the Southern part, the landscape is green and blue in the north while the south is desert area covered by acacias and basalt. It is possible to sail in the desert of Grand Bara with Yachtsailing.

Djibouti or the Republic of Djibouti is rich in flora & fauna, some animals and plants are endemic to the region, like the Francolin of Djibouti.

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