The South Circuit - the region of Issa tribe

The South of Djibouti is divided into 3 regions: Ali Sabieh, Dikhil and Arta. The climate is harsh and 90% of the territory in the south is covered by plains, deserts, hills, mountains and rocks. The tourism in South is quite different from the North; the landscape is wonderful and amazing like in Lac Abbée, Grand Bara and Arta.

Arta - whale shark area

The village of Arta, 40 kms from Djibouti town, is sitting at an altitude of 900 m high. As in the northern part of the country, Arta is the only place in South where the climate is cool and favourable for agricultures. The village was founded in 1925 by a General of French Army and still today there are few military bases and many shooting camps. Plage d’Arta or Arta Beach is well known for the whale sharks by the divers and sea lovers in the world, and the village is also a wonderful spot for hiking and climbing mountains. Dromedary riding, visiting nomad family and nomad houses is the most tour activities in Arta.

Ali Sabieh or Assajog - the desert of Djibouti

9 kms from Ethiopia border and about 20 kms from Somalia border, the town of Ali Sabieh is located in a strategic place and it is very important for the trade between Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia. Ali Sabieh has beautiful hills and a lot of mountains for hiking. The biggest desert of Djbouti is located in Grand Bara, not far from the town of Ali Sabieh. The desert of Grand Bara is an ancient dried lake of 15 kms large and 30 kms wide. Yacht sailing is available at the Association de Char à Voile located in the middle of the desert. It is possible to visit prehistoric Rock Painting in Grand Bar.

Dikhil or Okar - the region of unity

Like Ali Sabieh, the town of Dikhil has the same name as the region (Dikhil). The town is located about 80 kms from Lac Abbée and it is actually the base for visiting the lake. The main economy of the region is the trade between Djibouti and Ethiopia because the region of Dikhil is not far from the border. Sightseeing and promenade in the Oasis are the activities in Dikhil town. And during the trip to the North circuit, our tour guide will explain you more about the Afar and Djibouti culture and history.

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