The South - “omo valley “

The South circuit is a wonderful tour destination, from Arbaminch to Gambella, the landscape is wonderful and rich in fauna & flora. It is the largest territory of wildlife in Ethiopia, from crocodiles and hippos to zebras and lions the southern part of the country is a good area for Safaris as same as in Kenya.

Before reaching the region of the low Omo valley, you visit Konzo and Mursi people, and you leave the South with full of souvenirs. Kaffa and Gamo Gofa, also located in the South, and it is the area of coffee-growing, probably it is the spot where the coffee is discovered for the first time. Part of Ethiopia since the end of the 19th century, the South is completely different from the North of the country. Half naked, most of South people are animists; it is contrary to the main religion of Ethiopia – Orthodox.

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