TRAVEL MOGADISHO - “white pearl of the Indian Ocean “

“white pearl of the Indian Ocean “


Mogadisho, from the word ‘magaad shah’ which means the seat of the Shah in arabic, is the Capital City of Somalia. But the city is known as HAMAR by Somalia people and it is is the largest city in Somalia.

Mogadisho was known as Sarapion by the Greeks in the antiquity and the ciy was the region center for the commercei n the region. The Port of Mogadisho was an important Port for centuries.

In the Middle Ages, Mogadisho was known as the Land of Berbers by the Muslim and Arab traders, It used to be Sultanate of Mogadisho. Beside Sri Lanka and Vietnam coins, Chinese coins from the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties have been discovered in Mogadisho.
Mogadisho sent Ambassadors in 1416 to the Ming Dynasty to pay tribute. The Yongle Emperor has revisited the city again in 1430. It is used to be big relationship from the dynasties in Chinese and the Sultanate of Mogadisho.

Vasco Da Gama described Mogadisho as a large city with big Palaces, houses of four or five storeys and many mosques, when he visited Mogadisho in the 5th century. The Portuguese tried to occupy Mogadisho but they never took it. It was a watered place with fertile land and rich economy.
In 1892, the city of Mogadisho as well as the Sultanate was under control of Italian and the city was sold to the Italian in 1905 by Ali Bin Said (the Omani Sultan of Zanaibar) who leased the city to the Italian. The Sultanate of Mogadisho used to be under the Sultanate of Zanzibar and the Italian made the city the Capital of the new Italian Somaliland.

Under Italian occupation, the economy was developed and many infrastructures with new buildings, avenues, asphalted roads and railway were build  but it was a big discrimination again local population and the people started to revolt against the colonization. The Somali Youth League (encouraged and formed by the British officials) was formed to lute against the occupation and the Italian Political pressure.
In 1941, the British invaded and occupied Mogadishu and the Italian Somaliland during the Second World War. And it was decided not to return Italian Somaliland to Italy after the Potsdam Conference in 1945.

The UN opted to grant Italy trusteeship of Italian Somaliland under some condition and supervision. And then the Italian Somaliland became the Trust Territory of Somalia for 10 years from 1950 to 1960. It was actually a transitional step toward independence and Italy administer the policy from 1949 until the independence under a UN mandate.
On July 1st, 1960, Somalia became independent and a government was formed by Somalia people and 1969, the army seized the power after a coup d’état against the government and the president was assassinated.
The revolutionary army established various large-scale public works programs, including the nationalization program of industry and land, the unsuccessful campaign of Ogaden in 1970s.

In 2010, a new technocratic government was elected to office, which enacted numerous reforms, especially in the security sector. By August 2011, the new administration and its AMISOM allies had managed to capture all of Mogadishu from the Al-Shabaab militants. Mogadishu has subsequently experienced a period of intense reconstruction spearheaded by the Somali Diaspora, the municipal authorities and Turkey, a historical ally of Somalia.

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