Lac Assal Tour

107 km North West of Djibouti town – Region of Tadjourah the lowest point in Africa and part of Danakil depression Lac Assal or Bahr al Assal, which means the sea of honey in Arabic, is about 153 m below sea and it is the lowest point in Africa and the third in the world after the Dead Sea and the Lake of Tiberian also located in Middle East. The lake is colorful and has five different colors: white, black, brown, green and blue. No life in the lake and the surface area of Lac Assal is 52km2 while 9000 years ago the lake was 1100 km² and it was not salty at all, it used to be spring water with full of fish.
How could the lake get from spring water into salty water? According to the scientists there are only three hypotheses to explain the transformation of the lake and during the tour to Lac Assal our tour guide would explain you more about the geology of Lac Assal. The geology of Djibouti is complicated but it’s a paradise for geologist!
Lac Assal is day trip and the tour stars at 8 am in the morning but it is also possible to start earlier or later upon request of our customers and it finishes at 5 pm. The visiting places are Canyon Adaleh in Dimbya, the fault in Goubet and hot springs in Korilli around Lac Assal.

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