The Northern Circuit - the region of Afar tribe

The history of Djibouti started in the North and also, it is in the North where the tourism of the country is well developed. The climate is different from the South; it is cool and fresh – good raining season. The North is green, rich in flora and fauna, and that is the only most fertilized part of the country – favourable for agriculture. There are 2 regions in the North of Djibouti: Tadjourah and Obock.

Tadjourah - the white town

The Sultanate of Tadjourah is exactly where the history of Djibouti started. It used to be a strong sultanate but today it is just symbolic. When French men arrived in Djibouti in 1864, they first came to Tadjourah to negotiate a piece of land in exchange of a treaty of protectorate. And then, the Sultan of that time handed the anchorage of Obock over to his new ally, La France. Before the foundation of Djibouti town, Tadjourah was the main road to reach Shoa (Ethiopia). The region has many tourist sites to propose: Lac Assal, Foret du Day, Randa and Sable Blanc.

Obock - the colonial capital

The town of Obock is the former colonial Capital of the country of Djibouti until beginning of 1900’s before the foundation of Djibouti town, but today Obock is the Capital of the region of Obock. The first houses build by French men are still in Obock including the Palace of the former Governor and founder of the Republic of Djibouti Mr Leonce Lagarde – and also the house of Henry de Monfreid, French writer and explorer. The region of Obock has nice beaches for snorkelling and diving like Godoria; Iles de 7 frères (7brothers Islands).

La foret du Day - the millennium forest

La Foret du Day or the Forest of Day in English is sitting in high level at an attitude of 1600 m high; it is a very old forest (millennium) of 3,5 km². The forest is a National Park and it is protected. La Foret du Day has wonderful sites for Hiking and trekking.

Randa - goda mountain

The village of Randa is located in a valley at the bottom of the Day Forest, the climate is good for the agriculture and it rains a lot during the raining season. The area is beautiful for a promenade in gardens, and it is also the best spot to visit the Goda Mountain. Randa is the territory of the Black Panther and the Francolin of Djibouti (endemic bird). And during the trip to the North circuit, our tour guide will explain you more about the Afar and Djibouti culture and history.

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