Fishing, “different method of fishing experience”

Djibouti is a new destination for fishing the fish king and other types of fish. The particularity of the country is the nature of the submarine funds. The volcanic origins of this region make a very deep fund “break” attracting the predators that, arriving of the deep waters, come to search for fish forages present in number on the trays (10 to 20m depth).

Fishes are very current. It is necessary to stand close to the beaches and to throw his/her/its popper in direction of the beach. The present fish in border will throw themselves on your lures. The nature of funds greatly cluttered (corals potatoes) obliges the use of a powerful material permitting to restrain fish before he/it can join the bottom.

Fish to find in Djibouti sea:

  • Giant travelly, Barracuda, Crupper, Thazard, Yellow tuna, Red snapper
  • Shark, Napoleon, Travelly or Mai-nain

Djibouti is a new destination for fishing:

  • Carangues ignobilis
  • Groupers
  • Barracudas
  • Red Carps
  • King fish
  • Liches yellow tunas
  • Sharks

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