Diving, “discover the most beautiful marine life”

What makes Djibouti unique as an ecosystem is the profuse marine life resulting from the mix of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, as their waters mix right here in the Northern part of the country: Obock. Djibouti is one of the major territories bordering the Gulf, with Yemen on the opposite side.

One of the highlights of Djibouti’s water is very interesting pelagic marine life with schools of fishes, occasional manta rays, and reef sharks. Water temperature is tropical in the summer time, with excellent visibility for a good dive. Most exposed dive sites will be for experienced divers as the currents around Djibouti can be strong, but novice divers will enjoy diving in sheltered places with magnificent coral gardens, shallower water and an amazing profusion of marine life on local reefs.

It’s possible to bring your own diving equipment or you could rent it over here in Djibouti.

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