The Somaliland
The Somaliland is a Republic and it used to be the former British Somaliland.

In 1960, couple of days after the independence, Somaliland was annexed to the big Somalia until 18 May 1991. This date is very important for Somaliland people, even more important than the independence from the Brisitsh.

The surface area of Somaliland is about 137 600 km² and the country is located between Djibouti, Ethiopia, Puntland and the Gulf of Aden.The population of Somaliland is estimated 3 500 000 inhabitants and the 2/3 of the population lives in the Capital city Hargesa.The main ethnical group of Somaliland are the Issak and the Samaroon, and the local currency is the Shilling Somalilandese.