Berbera derived from the word Berber, the inhabitant of the city used to be called the black berbers by the ancient Egyptians, it is an old city port rich in history. The town is located in the northern-west of Somaliland and about 250 kms distance from Djibouti.

Thanks to the Gulf of Aden, the Port of Berbera is located on main patrol route between Middle East and Europe and today it is also the main port of Somaliland, where all the merchandises of the country comes in. But unfortunately, many infrastructures were destroyed during the war and the port is not able to compete with the other ports of the region, like the ones of Djibouti and Aden.

Berbera was the former Capital of the British Somaliland from the beginning of the colonization in 1870 until 1941, when the British colony decided to move the Capital to Hargesa. But today Berbera is the capital of region Saaxil (Sahel) in Somaliland.

Back in time, the city of Berbera has many different travelers and merchants between India and Arabia, you can even notice that from the architecture of the town. The Indian and Arabs merchants have build houses according to their styles. The inhabitants of Berbera is about 210 000 and the main economy of the city is the sea and the most tour activity of the town is also based on the sea.

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