Eritrea - “red sea “
Eritrea, from the word ‘erythrea’ which means red in greek, is a young country that accesses to independence in 1993. The country is also located in the region of the Horn of Africa and has borders with Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan.

The surface area of Eritrea is about 121 320 kms² including Dahlak Islands with about 6 250 000 inhabitants, the main religions of the country are the Islam and the Christian Orthodox like in Ethiopia. The Eritrean are half Orthodox and half Muslims.

Eritrea is a beautiful country to visit and there are many sites to discover and to explore, combined to the Horn of Africa tour, the visited places in Eritrea are the towns of Asmara, Keren and Massawa. But it is also possible to visit the rest of the country up on request of our customers. The highest point of the country is Soira Mountain with 3018 m high and the climate is cool in highlands, very hot in the desert of Danakil.

During the colonization, the Capital Asmara was build by Italian architects from the University of Italy and that’s why Asmara is very beautiful to visit.